Taking what they learned in phonics, students will read their very first books in English. Unlike other students who memorize everything, your children will learn to read like native speakers and not like robots.


Students will master the native English pronunciation of hundreds of words.


Students will be able to read with emotion, rather than always reading in the same, boring, robotic tone.


Students will learn to read loudly, clearly, and at an appropriate speed, just like a native English speaker.

Wordplay Reading

Our younger students take 8-months of reading (Ladybird + Fly Guy), while our older, more advance students take 3-months of reading (Fly Guy). See the courses explained below.

Ladybird Readers: 5-Months

Students will read the first 4 books at a pace of 6 classes per book to get the hang of reading for the very first time. Once students are comfortable, they will read the 2nd set of 4 books at a pace of 4 classes per book. Each class focuses on a different skill set such as: vocabulary, pronunciation, comprehension, fluency, and testing.

Fly Guy Phonics: 3-Months

Students will read these phonics books at a pace of 4 classes per book. Each book focuses on a different shor or long vowel sound. The best part is that the stories are fun and engaging. Children will love reading about the adventures of Buzz and Fly Guy while mastering the skill of reading.