My Little Phonics

Begin introducing your child to all of the sounds of the English language. In addition to learning how to identify the 42 sounds, children will learn the key skills listed below:

Following the Rules

For many students this is their first time in any classroom. They will learn how to follow a schedule, obey the teacher's instructions, control their bathroom breaks, and to follow along with the class.

Eye Contact

Many students learning English don't look at the person they are speaking to. In My Little Phonics we teach students to always make good eye contact with their teacher and their friends when talking. It's respectful, and it's an important soft skill.

Body Language

Students don't do a good job consistently using good body language while communicating. They bounce around, sway side-to-side, or don't face the person they're talking to. We fix these mistakes in My Little Phonics and we teach students appropriate body language.


Many students learning for the first time have a hard time gaining confidence. They may learn quickly, but they stay quiet and shy. We work hard in My Little Phonics to encourage and motivate children to speak loudly, clearly, and not be afraid of making mistakes. This is yet another very important soft skill.