Learn all 42-sounds of the English language and read 200+ words in just 3-months. Read your first book in less than 4-months.

Wordplay Teaches Jolly Phonics to our older, experienced students in 24 lessons (3-months).  During this time, students will learn how to sound, blend, and read 200+ phonetic words.

Students will be tested on all 42-sounds, and they will take a midterm and a final to prove their reading proficiency.

Upon completion of this course students will be ready to start reading their very first books in English in the Wordplay Reading course.

Throughout the phonics course students will be given resources to practice at home, and it is highly recommended that parents get involved in their child's learning. The more involved the parents are, the more successful the child will be.

Our goal with the phonics program is to give students the skills they need to be lifelong readers. This foundation can be used to do well in school, and it can also be used to instill a love of reading for fun.