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Since 2017 Wordplay has offered Phonics, Reading, Writing, Speaking, S.T.E.M. and more to hundreds of children all over Hanoi. Whether they come all the way from Long Bien or right next door, they come because they know that Wordplay is where learning happens.

Dear Wordplay School, Thank you very much for giving a great atmosphere for my daughter. She keeps progressing day by day. Love you all, Wordplay Team.
Ms. N.
A Loving Mother

American Owned & Operated

100% Qualified Teachers

Small Class Sizes

Endless Love for your Children

Making English Prose
Since 2017

Teacher Keith has been living and teaching in Vietnam since 2009. He managed several international kindergartens and Montessori schools before he and and his wife Huong made their dreams come true when they opened Wordplay in April 2017. Together, Teacher Keith & Ms. Huong have been providing professional, American education ever since for more than 225 students all throughout Hanoi. They are  joined on this adventure by their two boys, Dennis Phuoc and Joshua Phuc.


Our Team

Wordplay currently has 5 Native English speaking teachers and 10 Vietnamese teaching assistants who are responsible for 225+ students

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